AWWA Awards

Abel Wolman Award of Excellence

This award recognizes those whose careers in the water works industry exemplify vision, creativity, and excellent professional performance characteristic of Abel Wolman's long and productive career. In 2009, James A. Craig (OWWA, a Section of AWWA) was selected as the recipient.

Award of Merit

This award is to recognize those outside the water industry who have demonstrated outstanding service in support of the principles of AWWA in providing better water for people.  In 2009, no Award of Merit was given.

Distinguished Public Service Award

This award is presented in recognition of distinguished public service outside the line of duty by an AWWA member.

Diversity Award

This award is presented to recognize the individual or organization that has created, promoted, and maintained diversity within an organization by establishing an environment that recognizes, encourages, and effectively utilizes each individual’s talents. 

Honorary Member Award

This award is presented each year to individuals whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle them to special recognition. 

Outstanding Service to AWWA Award

This award recognizes and honors a member of AWWA who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Association through leadership and active participation in AWWA programs. 

Water Industry Hall of Fame Award

This award recognizes those living and deceased who have made the most significant contributions to the field of public water supply. 

AWWA Nomination Process

AWWA Awards Nomination Form

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