WCS AWWA Water for People – Make a difference

The Western Canada Section Water for People committee is active in supporting integrated, sustainable water and sanitation projects in developing countries. Water For People brings together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water systems. Our Committee's fundraising this year will support programs in Bolivia. The Committee also seeks to raise awareness among the membership, especially those working in the water supply and related fields, about current conditions in those countries and how we can help.   It’s your opportunity to make a difference for others, Get Involved.

This Committee will consist of a Chair, Subcommittee Chairs for Project Development, Fundraising, Publicity and Volunteer Coordination and the Canadian Affairs Committee member-at-large. Specific project teams may also be established from time to time as the need arises, with the leader of each project team being a member of this Committee.

The Section Director will act as the Board Liaison.


  1. Participate in the development of safe drinking water and improve sanitation for people in developing countries that need assistance. To accomplish this task, this Committee is to be the link to the AWWA Water For People (WFP) organization (Denver) and to take a lead role in developing and funding projects that are recommended by the Section membership and their contacts around the world.
  2. Form the following Sub-Committees:The Project Development subcommittee will use Section members and their contacts with international relief organizations to identify projects, develop the scope of the project, the funds required, the implementation plan and the monitoring/evaluation methods for project success. Once a project has gone through these steps, it can be transferred to a specific project subcommittee to actually implement the project.
    • Project Development
    • Fund Raising
    • Publicity
    • Volunteer Coordination
  3. The Fund Raising subcommittee will raise the money required to help fund the proposed projects established by the Project Development subcommittee.
  4. The Publicity subcommittee will inform the Section membership of the existence of this committee, its purpose, its need for funds and volunteers and its need for project ideas and international relief agency contacts. This subcommittee will also provide speakers to organizations that may be interested in supporting the Water For People concept with funding and to Section events for general publicity.
  5. The Volunteer Coordination subcommittee will be the clearinghouse for information for the Section in terms of those individuals willing to serve and in terms of assistance to project teams in staffing each of the projects. This subcommittee will rely heavily on the WFP database but will also compile additional names and information specific to the Section.
  6. The Committee raises funds as donations and silent auctions at as many Section and WCW activities as possible to support project efforts and keep the Section and the WCW membership aware of the need for these funds.


  1. A minimum of two (2) times annually and as often as necessary for the subcommittee and project teams. Plan to hold one meeting in December-January to determine purpose for monies to be raised for the upcoming year. Events are generally held in February and March.
  2. Committee Chair to attend Section Annual Meeting and other Board meetings (eg. mid-year, strategic planning) as requested by the Section Chair.


  1. All funds to be controlled by the Section Secretary. Committee operating funds to be sourced from the Section, but all projects to be self-sustained.
  2. Donations for project funds to be through Water For People/Canada.


See more information on the WCS AWWA WFP Committee