Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops and reviews financial policies for the Section as required and coordinates the budget process. The Committee may also recommend financial policies to the Board and may offer advice to the Section Board on financial matters as requested.  It’s your opportunity to grow your management skills.

The Committee shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, the Treasurer, and at least one member at large. The Chair shall serve as the Chair of the Committee. Members at large shall be appointed by the Board to serve a three-year term.


The Committee shall develop, maintain and update the following policies:

  • Expense Policy
  • Investment Policy; and
  • Budget Policy.

The Committee shall coordinate the preparation of the annual budget in accordance with the Section’s Budget Policy. The budget process shall be as follows:

  • Request and receive budget requests from the various committees in advance of the annual meeting;
  • Prepare a draft budget, incorporating the budget requests, for presentation to the Board at the annual meeting;
  • Modify the draft budget as directed by the Board; and
  • Submit the final budget to the Board for approval at the first meeting of the Board following the Annual meeting.


  1. The Committee shall have at least one face-to-face meeting each year at the Annual Conference to finalize the draft budget. The Vice-Chair shall also attend this meeting, as this individual will be joining the Committee at the annual meeting.
  2. Other meetings shall be at the call of the Committee Chair and shall be handled by conference call when possible.


  1.  Members at large shall be appointed by the Board to serve a three-year term.