Awards Committee

This committee shall annually consider the selection of a Section member to receive Association or Section awards, with particular focus on the George Warren Fuller Award. Guidelines and criteria for all Association and Section awards are kept on file in the Section Office

The Committee consists of The Past-Chair of the Section, who will act on behalf of the Board of Trustees, and the most recent two Fuller Award Winners of the Section. In the event of the inability of a Fuller awardee to serve, the Chair of the Awards Committee shall select a replacement, preferably a former Fuller awardee.


  1. To coordinate the efforts of and encourage appropriate action by the Section in selecting recipients of established Association or Section awards.
  2. Ensure that the selection of nominees for awards is approved by a majority of the Committee.
  3. To select nominees for awards and submit to the Board for approval, and provide these recommendations at least 90 days prior to the WCWWA Annual Conference.
  4. To develop, when appropriate, new honours and awards or to alter or retire existing awards.
  5. To ensure the proper presentation of all awards is provided, with particular emphasis on protocol.


  1. Meet at least once annually, conducting a major portion of business by mail or electronic media.