The Cross Connection Control Manual is a product of the Cross Connection Control Committee. The manual is under constant review and revisions are submitted and approved by the Committee at it's annual meeting, normally held in the spring of the year. The most recent version of the manual is 2009.  (additions from the 2007 version is the discription of the program in Quebec.)

The manual contains information on, legal and health aspects of cross connections control, the plumbing code and cross connections, the administrations of a cross control program, backflow mechanisms, typical hazards, and maintenance and testing of backflow prevention assemblies.

The manual is available to all those who concern themselves with the protection of potable water against contamination as a result of backflow through cross connection.

The National AWWA Cross Connection Control Manual is currently used by educational institutes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Atlantic Provinces.

Please contact your local AWWA Section office if you are outside of the WCS region (Albera, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northern Territories & Nunavut).

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