General concern over the adequacy of current legislation, and control to prevent contamination of potable water as a result of backflow through cross connections led to the formation of the Cross Connection Control Committee under the Western Canada Section of AWWA.

At its inaugural meeting in September 1982, the Committee discussed the advantages of preparing a manual dealing with these objectives and in a subsequent meeting on May 02, 1993 the Committee endorsed the recommendation to proceed with the development of such a manual. The first and second draft of this manual were reviewed by the Committee on September 22, 1983 and May 28, 1984 respectively, and the first edition was presented to the Board of Directors and membership of the Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association during the Convention on September 20, 1984. Over 1,000 copies of the first edition were distributed across North America. As a result of the extensive use made of the first edition, a number of revisions were recommended to the Cross Connection Control Committee. These revisions were reviewed and approved by the Committee during the spring of 1988 and appear in the second printing of the second edition.The second and latest edition to the manual, is available to educators, administrators, practitioners, and to all others who concern themselves with the protection of potable water against contamination as a result of backflow through cross connection.