David Walker Award


This award was established in 1993 by the Cross Connection Control Committee of the Western Canada Section AWWA, to recognize those whose careers in this program exemplifies vision, constructive leadership, excellent professional performance and accomplishments characteristic of the late David Walker’s productive career.


Must be a past or present member of the AWWA, WCS AWWA affiliate and have at least four years (minimum) attendance with WCS AWWA Cross Connection Control Committee.


National and section

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by an active member of the committee at the annual committee meeting (usually May) or by letter to the committee chair no later than April.

1) Nominations to include brief biography.

2) Nomination Deadline is April 30

3) Nomination Form


Committee members review the nominations and select an award winner through a letter ballot vote of confidence.

Frequency Of Award

Every second year or as deemed by the committee members.


Award winners will be presented with the award together with the nameplate on the last day of the annual committee meeting and featured in ‘Back Talk’ in the WCW magazine.

Former recipients of the David Walker Award

  1993 Dave Walker 2002 Doug Snider
  1994 Roland Tomuschat 2005 Reg Hammer
  1994 Ron Stecky 2007 Gary Coons
  1995 Robert Sneddon 2008 Michael Haslam
  1996 Russell Briscoe 2009 Sheldon Diduck
  1997 Jim Green 2010 Danny Wilson
  1998 Robert Hartman 2012 Daniel Larson