Vision Statement

We will protect Canadian potable water/drinking water systems from contamination through cross connection control programs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the advancement of technology, knowledge, and skills for the implementation of uniform cross connection control programs, to ensure safe potable/drinking water in Canada.

The objectives of this Committee are to establish uniform guidelines and standards relating to the implementation and administration of cross connection control programs. The membership ensures that all points of view pertinent to Cross Connection Control are addressed in reasonable portion.

The majority of the membership are from the three prairie provinces, however, members from other provinces or regions are made welcome. Membership is limited to 27 voting members from the following five categories:

  • Manufacturer/Agent (1 to 4 members)
  • Purveyors (4 to 7 members)
  • Regulators (4 to 7 members)
  • Educators (4 to 7 members)
  • General (1 to 4 members) 

Annual Committee meeting

The 'draft' Best Practice "Methodologies for Setting a Cross-Connection Control Program" is now posted on the InfraGuide Website